“Enough! Let me go you stupid..!”未說出口的話突然停下,只見Thor留著兩行眼淚。
“Loki, my brother, you are alive!”
“Oh that’s interesting. We just fought each other and you WON! You expect me dead?!”
“No. I came back from the future. You died in that future....” Loki皺眉,心想這沒用的哥哥是沒有睡醒吧?
“Well, I’m alive, full of bruises but very much alive. Thank you. You done?”
“No! Loki! I need your help! We all need your help!” (錘哥開始解釋婦聯4的求救計畫)
“Seriously brother, how desperate are you that you need to seek my help, at this stage, at this time? You really think that I’m gonna help you?”
“I trust you, Loki”
“..... that’s a well said story, it’s really a grand story even to your scale of brain volume. But no. I hate you.”
“No, Loki, I trust you, and I love you. Our parents, they are gone, our friends, gone too. You chose to die in front of me in that horrible future. I’m sure you love me too. I just didn’t see it before. Loki, we deserve a talk, a talk that we didn’t have chance back before when we can. I treasure every moment with you. Loki. Even you don’t help me, I’m still very happy to see you again. But deep in my heart, I trust you.”
Loki凝視Thor, 然後便開始幫他,最後婦聯4全復活,唯獨弟弟真的回不來了。